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photo of concrete

Regal Exteriors is also a concrete contractor. 

Worn out and damaged concrete around your home’s foundation, driveway, walkway, steps and patio not only looks bad, it can ultimately cause poor drainage that can harm your home’s foundation.  And, legally, if someone trips or gets hurt while on your property, you may be liable.  

Whatever your concrete worries may be, our process always starts at our initial meeting. We assess the features of your property with you and how our service options can best compliment your home functionally as well as aesthetically.  

Whether we extend the life of old concrete by fixing broken, crumbling areas before the problem gets worse, or pave your new driveway or patio, our properly-done work will last decades. It’s our knowledge, proper preparation, inspected work, and team of experienced hands that will be all you need to get a quality product we can both be proud of.

We assure you that our concrete craftsmanship and products are high quality to ensure the best possible results, regardless of the project you require.

  • Foundations
  • Sidewalks and Curbs
  • Patios
  • Driveways
  • Retaining Walls

Additionally, our highly skilled concrete paving and concrete stamping professionals offer premium-quality workmanship, using state-of-the-art application techniques and materials in:

  • Concrete Pavers
  • Stamped Concrete

These processes are decorative and affordable styles that transform old and new concrete into something special. It provides an opportunity of endless design, style, texture, color and pattern possibilities. Whether you prefer the look of flagstone, tile, brick, pavers, or slate, our skilled installation team takes pride in the preparation and application of your selected system.

For concrete with an affluent look at an affordable price,